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Burkeway homes sellout phase 5 Maoilin comprising of 29 houses . Bringing the total to 102 house in Maoilin.
Nov 16, 2015 - Posted by: editor
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successfull tender for 73 house for Burkeway Homes
May 11, 2014 - Posted by: editor
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Over the summer months is the perfect time to service your boiler to ensure its in tip top shape when needed!!



Air to Water Heat Pumps Galway

air water heat pumpAir to water Heat pumps how does it work?
Utilizes the air to warm your heating system. Air to water heat pumps work on the principle of removing the smallest amount of heat from the air and the compressing it to produce a higher heat output. This output is normally enough to heat your home and can easily be intergrated with existing heating system. Ideal for low temperture system like underfloor heating zones.


  • No CO2 emersions
  • Wall/ground mounted outside
  • Low/high heating system (underfloor or rads)
  • 1 kw consumption = up to 4kw heat output