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Burkeway homes sellout phase 5 Maoilin comprising of 29 houses . Bringing the total to 102 house in Maoilin.
Nov 16, 2015 - Posted by: editor
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successfull tender for 73 house for Burkeway Homes
May 11, 2014 - Posted by: editor
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Over the summer months is the perfect time to service your boiler to ensure its in tip top shape when needed!!



Boiler Service Galway

Oil Boiler installationIt's highly recommended that your oil boiler is serviced annually as blocked nozzles and filters have a major effect on the efficiency of the unit and will increase oil consumption.

Our Service consists of:

  • A nozzle change on burner
  • Combustion chamber cleaned
  • Seals and gaskets checked
  • Adjust air and oil pressure
  • Flue gas analizer check
  • Boiler print out

Boiler Upgrade Galway

We can supply install and service any type of oil boiler, by changing to a high efficiency oil boiler, it will reduce your heating bills.The new range of condensing boilers on the market today have efficiencies greater then 90% . This represents an operational improvement of at least 20% which over the year can be a big saving on oil consumption.