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Burkeway homes sellout phase 5 Maoilin comprising of 29 houses . Bringing the total to 102 house in Maoilin.
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successfull tender for 73 house for Burkeway Homes
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Over the summer months is the perfect time to service your boiler to ensure its in tip top shape when needed!!



Multi Fuel Boilers Installation Galway

Multi fuel boilers galwayHigh efficient and extremely durable solid fuel boilers offer up to 88% efficiency. They can be controlled manually or semi automatically for long/short time burn times. The boilers are designed to burn turf, coal ,wood ,slack and pellets.

These boilers consist of a furnace body and heat exchanger, both of which are made from high grade attested steal. Such design enables spontaneous cleaning of convection ducts and falling chimney soot down to collecting chambers which are secured by hatchs placed on the heating chamber.

One thing to consider when choosing a multifuel boiler is how often does it need to be refuelled, some are designed to take larger amount for less frequent reloading. We recommend using a buffer tank in conjuntion with the multi fuel boiler it will store heat when demand has been met in the house making it more efficent. Buffer tanks are extermely well insulated and will loose very little heat from within. For more information call use today @ 091483838